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Homework Help. Edmonds Elementary » Library » Homework Help. Reading A-Z www.readinga-z.com. Reading Tutors www.reading-tutors.com. Kids Domain www.kidsdomain.com; a part of the Caboose Network. Edmonds Elementary School. 1215 Olympic Ave, Edmonds, WA 98020 Phone 425-431-7374.

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Q&A with Cathy Cieslinski, Ed.D. Nearly twenty years ago, Dr. Cathy Cieslinski, Instructional Support Teacher at Centerville Elementary School, in the, (Lancaster, PA) developed two homework help programs to give elementary students instructional support, structured practice, and additional confidence in their school work. We recently talked with Dr. Cieslinski about developing a homework help program and asked her to provide advice for other teachers looking to create homework help clubs at their schools.

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Here’s what she had to say! Can you tell me about the Morning Homework Program and After-School Homework Program run at Centerville Elementary? Essay help chat room. The daily morning program provides students with an in-school support to complete homework, study for tests, reread books (for developing readers), study spelling words,, and more. We usually have four or five adults and often a few sixth-grade helpers. Students are welcome anytime within the first hour of the day. We support almost any type of learning experience; however,, math, and spelling are often the focus. There are other elementary schools within the district with support programs either in the morning, over lunch, or toward the end of the day.


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During the Tuesday After-school Homework program high school students volunteer to serve as a homework buddy to an elementary student. I organized the program and coordinate the elementary/high school connection.