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  1. Essay Help Introduction

How to Write an Introduction of a Research Paper Publication Date: 26 Feb 2018 For many students, the introduction of a research paper may appear to be the most tricky part of the assignment. Its length may vary depending on what kind of paper you’re going to write.

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The introduction serves a few different functions: it presents your topic, clarifies the context of the paper, attracts the attention of readers, and presents a which will be explained and developed throughout the whole research. • Announce the topic Start your introduction with a topic. Explain what you’re going to focus on, and what questions you will answer. The introduction also must grab attention and motivate your readers to keep reading.

As for the topic, begin with a broader context, defining general issues of your topic. After that, start zooming in on particular features of such issues, explaining to your readers what exactly your paper is about. This method is called an “inverted triangle”. • Define your keywords Any for publication requires you to provide a list of keywords which reflects considered issues.

Essay Help Introduction

The title of the paper may also include keywords. We suggest mentioning a few keywords in your first sentences. Keywords make your paper more specific and serve as reminders for your readers to keep them focused on your topic. • Define specific concepts and terms You have to make sure that your readers understand all necessary terms and concepts.


Essay Help Introduction

Explain such information at the very beginning, in your introduction. By doing this, you minimize the risk of your readers to puzzle on what you’re talking about. This advice is of key importance in case you’re developing a new theory which uses an existing terminology. • Introduce your topic In case your paper is devoted to social science or humanities, you have an opportunity to use some creative methods.

For example, you can introduce your topic through an anecdote or quotation. By doing this, you follow the “inverted triangle” principle, applying it in a more imaginary way and so taking a chance to demonstrate your writing skills. • If you decide to start with an anecdote, make sure that it’s directly related to your topic and short.

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