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Essay Writing Help For High School Students

Natascha Chtena is a PhD student in Information Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles. You can follow her on Twitter. As a foreign-language instructor at UCLA, I never considered it part of my job to teach students how to write in English.

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Essay Writing Help For Teens

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Essay Writing Courses For High School Students

I thought that’s what writing, English Composition, and ESL classes were for. So when there was recently an English essay requirement added to our foreign-language curriculum, I took it for granted that my students had the experience and skills required to write a (short) critical reflection paper. But my student’s papers really surprised me. Sure, my graduates did an excellent job, but the quality of undergraduate papers varied widely.

As I graded a pile of papers without structure, coherence, or proper use of grammar, I realized that many of the writing strategies we grad students take for granted (e.g. How to write an introduction, how to make a simple argument, how to research relevant sources) are not at all obvious to our students. When I talked to my supervisor about it, she suggested referring students with poor writing skills to our university’s Writing Center.

But I started wondering whether that’s really the best we can do for our students. So I went back to the assignment guidelines and my lesson plans and redesigned them completely. And, indeed, the second time I taught that course the assignments were much better and, as a result. If you’ve found yourself in my shoes, here are some suggestions for improving your students’ writing—and for improving the experience you have assigning, reading, and grading it. • Understand who your students are Check out your campus statistics, talk to faculty, and inform yourself about the kind of high school writing instruction that goes on in your state (at least in public schools).