Research Paper On The Metamorphosis

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Research Paper On The Metamorphosis Book

Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” is a story that reveals the reality and irrationality of human existence. In “The Metamorphosis”, the way in which the story is structured is influenced with a contrasting shift in Gregor Samsa’s life. Throughout the story, one is aware that young Gregor sincerely cares and looks out for his family. Although his family does not do much for themselves, Gregor is presented as an individual who works hard to sustain the family. When Gregor transforms into a vermin, the compassion and loyalty his family had towards him are tested. With an absurd, yet dispassionate tone, Kafka emphasizes that unconditional love cannot exist in our society. Soon after Gregor morphs into a vermin, the tremor of the family’s first encounter with Gregor’s physical transformation creates a sorrowful mood.

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Statistics homework help services. At this point, the family feels threaten of what is yet to come. Before Gregor transforms into an insect, “[H]e felt very proud that he had been able to provide such a life in so nice an apartment for his parents and his sister.


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Nursing assignments. But what now if all the peace, the comfort, the contentment were to come to a horrible end?” After his transformation, Gregor leaves his family with a financial load, the ignorance concerning his state of mind, and the tenderness he so much wishes he could have with his family. Despite his transformation into an insect, Gregor still preserves his intelligence and human emotions; however, these become overpowered by his now insect instincts.