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At the graduate level, I will be interested to probe into how quorum sensing and biofilm formation enhance virulence in microorganisms and the pathogenesis of diseases and also explore the benefits such as drug discovery that can be derived from this association. However, in the course of my internships in clinical laboratories at undergraduate level and presently, I have been fascinated by the observation of mixed bacterial growth in cultures. After having lectures and laboratory courses in medical microbiology coupled with my observations, I have developed interest in quorum sensing and biofilm formation which are areas many of your faculty are currently researching. Motivational

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Free Social Work Essays

Social Work Essays For Cheap

Social work is a profession for individuals with a strong desire to help improve people’s lives. As a social worker we actually help people function the best way possible within their environment, deal with certain relationships, and most of all solve personal and family problems. Professional paper write discount code

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