Writing Crystal Reports

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Create Crystal Reports using Visual Studio Create Crystal Report Using Visual Studio Create a Visual Studio Project Creating a Project in Visual Studio • Open Visual Studio and create a new project. If you want to choose VB.NET you can go ahead and choose VB.NET. Designing reports with Crystal Reports is independent of the language or type of application. The steps are the same for both VB.NET & C#. For this Example, I will choose C# • Choose Windows Desktop Application. • Under Various Application, Template chose Windows Forms Application • Enter Name of the Project as MyFirstReport. Click OK. Visual C# Project is opened for you.

Crystal Reports is a popular Windows-based report writer (report generation program) that allows a programmer to create reports from a variety of data sources with a minimum of written code. Developed by Seagate Software, Crystal Reports can access data from most widely-used databases and can.


• Rename the form as frmCrystalReport. Create a Crystal Report Now let us create a crystal Report.

ReportsWriting Crystal Reports

The following steps will guide you to add the new report • Under Solution Explorer select your Project. • Right Click and Add New Item.  Write my book for me. This displays the list of available templates. • Select Reporting Template Group. • Scroll down to select the Crystal Report template. • Enter the name as EmployeeList. • Click on Add to Create your first Report. This will take you to Crystal Report Gallery.